* Press Release 4/07/2009

TrendyDigital Design Announces Protective Cases for Amazon Kindle 2

TrendyDigital Design, a subsidiary of MZ Services Inc. announces two protective cases for Amazon Kindle 2:  the MaxGuard eReader JacketTM and the WaterGuard Waterproof CaseTM for Kindle 2. Each stylish case offers exceptional protection and convenient accessibility to Kindle 2. The unique and elegant design maximizes the surface protection for Kindle 2, while maintaining Kindle 2’s sleek & trim profile. Both cases are available for pre-order and will be shipped on April 16, 2009.

The MaxGuard eReader JacketTM is designed to maximize accessibility and surface protection. Several unique design elements have been introduced into this jacket.  The sure-fit compartment houses the Kindle 2 securely while allowing easy access to power switch, headphone jack, USB/Power port and charger indicator. The housing compartment encloses the unit. This maximizes the protection on the whole unit while preserving the sleek & trim presentation of Kindle 2. The side button protectors are stamped into the case and provide custom fit protection and easy access to the navigation buttons on both sides of the Kindle 2. The jacket has a notepad pocket at the side to keep a small notepad handy. The grip band in the back of MaxGuard eReader JacketTM further secures the device while reading or traveling.

WaterGuard Waterproof CaseTM guards against any wet environment that Kindle 2 might be exposed to. It is a perfect companion when you bring your Kindle for beach reading. It provides great protection when you get stuck in a rainstorm or accidentally drop you bag in a wet surface. When using the WaterGuard case, the Kindle 2 can be slipped directly into the WaterGuard pocket and the transparent surface provides easy interaction with the keyboard and navigation buttons.

Availability and Pricing:

Both cases are available for pre-order from www.trendydigital.com.
MaxGuard Carry Case for Kindle 2 will be shipped on April 16, 2009. WatertGuard Waterproof Case for Kindle 2 will be shipped on April 20, 2009.
MaxGuard Carry Case for Kindle 2: $27.99. Color: Black.
WatertGuard Waterproof Case for Kindle 2: $14.99. Color: Transparent with blue edge decor.

For more information, please visit TrendyDigital Design at:  http://www.TrendyDigital.com/

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